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Prosthetic Tooth – Prosthetic Dental Treatment
Artificial replacement of any deficiency in your body or an organ or tissue that cannot fully function is called prosthetic treatment.

Prosthetic teeth – prosthetic dental treatment is the process of replacing missing or lost teeth with artificial teeth. Treatment methods such as fixed restorations, partial dentures and full dentures are applied according to the number and location of missing teeth and the condition of the surrounding tissues.

What is Prosthetic Tooth – Prosthetic Dentistry?
Prosthetic tooth and prosthetic tooth treatment is usually performed to eliminate deficiencies or deformations in the jaw and face area.

The purpose of all applications is to regain the function and aesthetics that the patient has lost or felt lacking. In the prosthetic tooth – prosthetic dental treatment section; In order to restore the lost function, aesthetics and health to the patients, the missing parts of the teeth or one or more missing teeth and related missing tissues are filled with appropriate filling material. Dental prostheses are divided into two basic parts as fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Prosthesis – prosthetic dental treatment is applied in the making of all fixed and removable prostheses, chin face prostheses and jaw joint treatment. Prosthesis-prosthetic dental treatment prices are determined according to these methods.


What happens after Prosthetic Tooth – Prosthetic Tooth Treatment?
After prosthetic tooth – prosthetic dental treatment, you will feel like a large and foreign body in your mouth. This feeling is temporary. It disappears after getting used to the prostheses. In the first days of using denture teeth, the amount of saliva secreted increases as the glands are stimulated. Increasing the amount of saliva decreases the retention of the prostheses. However, this situation passes in a short time. Even if great care is taken in the production of prostheses, after prosthetic tooth – prosthetic tooth treatment, dentures may be damaged when they are being used. Ask your doctor to correct the prosthesis by informing your doctor about the hit places. Sometimes prostheses are filed by the patients themselves. This behavior is very wrong. Because it leads to much bigger problems. You should come to the examination after using your prosthesis for at least 4 hours and eating a meal in order to detect the bumps on the prosthetic tooth. This time makes it easier to spot the hit locations.

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