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Pedodontics, in other words, pediatric dentistry is dentistry that aims to protect the health of the milk and permanent teeth of children between the ages of 0-14, to prevent trauma, caries and similar problems that may occur due to various reasons or to eliminate the problems that occur. Pedodontics, another concept used for pediatric dentistry, is the only branch of dentistry limited to a certain age group.

What is pediatric dentistry / pedodontics? Who is a pedodontist ?
Dentists who can apply all pedodontic treatments such as periodontal treatment, tooth extraction, filling according to the treatment required by children are called pedodontists. So the child is a dentist. Pedodontists provide the treatment and preventive treatments for all oral and dental ailments experienced by children from birth to adolescence. In addition, the pedodontist is a dentist with the knowledge and experience to solve the oral and dental problems of children with disabilities and children with chronic diseases who need special attention.

What are the treatments applied in pediatric dentistry?
In order to prevent dental problems that may arise in children, the child and his / her family are trained in oral and dental health and nutrition. The following procedures, which are preventive pediatric dentistry practices, are performed.

Fissure sealant: It is a fluid filling material that prevents bacteria from settling here by closing the deep grooves (fissure) on the surface of permanent teeth. Thus, it prevents rotting.

Fluorine applications: Fluorine is the substance that strengthens tooth enamel. It protects the female against acid attacks. Thus, it contributes to preventing tooth decay. Fluorine application is a protective method that should only be applied by the pedodontist. Professional fluoride application should be done by the dentist every 6 months.

Tooth Decay: The acids produced as a result of the bacteria on the teeth ferment the accumulated food residues begin to damage the hard tissues of the teeth and decay occurs. Cavities are treated with various filling materials. However, root canal treatment may be required if needed depending on the level of infection.

Dental Trauma: It is one of the most common and important problems in children. Treatment; It is applied considering the age of the child, the degree of trauma resulting from the injury, the area of ​​trauma and the tissues affected.

Placeholders: In cases where the deciduous tooth is lost, appliances called placeholders are used to protect the place of the permanent tooth coming from below. Pedodontics, which have an important place in pediatric dentistry, prevent neighboring teeth from moving towards the space formed over time. Thus, it prevents the permanent tooth from being buried or coming out elsewhere. In this way, it prevents orthodontic disorder that may occur in the future.

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