Orthodontics - Crooked & Crooked Teeth and Jaw Treatment

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Crooked & Crooked Teeth and Jaw Treatment

Konya Orthodontics is the specialty of the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the alignment of crooked teeth as well as the lower and upper jaws.

Orthodontic Treatment
Konya Crooked Tooth Treatment

Orthodontic problems (crooked, crooked teeth, jaws) may occur for the following reasons:

Genetic factors,
Congenital anomalies,
Wrong breathing,
Thumb sucking and long-term use of pacifiers
Early loss of milk teeth due to caries,
Teeth grinding (Bruxism),
Trauma as a result of falling or hitting
Wireless orthodontic treatments


Crooked & Crooked Teeth and Jaw Treatments

Invisalign orthodontics use appliances that are almost invisible and transparent. Invisalign transparent plaques, which the patient can easily put on and take off, are produced in series according to the tooth structure. Invisalign treatment does not affect daily life in any way. It does not cause speech impairment. You can remove the transparent plaques during meals, then brush your teeth and use dental floss easily. The reason why Invisalign aligners are often preferred is that they are completely invisible. No one on the outside will notice that you are wearing clear aligners. It does not cause adverse effects such as irritation in the mouth.

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