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What is an implant?
What do you need to know about dental implant treatment?
Implants are called tooth roots made of titanium designed to eliminate tooth deficiencies. It consists of three parts. These; titanium screw, prosthesis and abutment. The part of the implant application that acts as a tooth root and is embedded in the bone is made of titanium. It provides support to the titanium root screwed on the abunment bone and the prosthesis attached to this root. The reason that the part that acts as the tooth root in implant application is produced from titanium is that it does not cause any allergic allergic reaction in the body. The other reason is that it fuses easily with the bone and has a high resistance to chewing pressure.

However, in recent years, it has been seen that implant teeth are also made of zirconium material. Teeth made of zirconium are more resistant to pressure and impacts in the long term. It has been found that titaniums sometimes have fractures in the neck. It is aimed to prevent such breakages by using zirconium material instead of titanium.

Points to Consider After Implant Treatment
After the implant, oral hygiene is an issue that needs great attention. In addition to regular tooth brushing every day, the treated area should be carefully cleaned with oral showers, special threads and interface brushes recommended by your physician.

The important issue after cleaning is to have the doctor’s checks done without interruption. It is recommended that you go for a check-up every six months for the first two years, and then annually thereafter. In this way, problems that may not be noticed by you in the first place and that will occur in the region can be detected as a result of the examination performed by your doctor. If the problem is detected early, it will be easier to take action.

How much are the implant prices?
Implant prices vary according to the materials used in the treatment. If there is a more important point than the material to be used in its treatment, it is how experienced the physician to apply the treatment.


Who is implant dental treatment applied to?
Implant is a treatment that can be applied to almost everyone. However, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. that are not yet under control. In diseases, those who have implant treatment before the disease is controlled and without permission of your doctor for treatment may be at risk of life. Implant treatment is performed after the necessary tests are performed in patients who use drugs that suppress the immune system and have received or received cancer treatment, and after your doctor gives permission, according to the examination result.

Here, a question like “Are there any damages to the implant?” As with any treatment, there is a risk in the application of this treatment. Discomfort that may occur after the treatment and damage to the anatomical structures during the procedure are among these risks. Bleeding, pain and swelling can be given as examples of discomfort that may occur after the procedure. If you follow your dentist’s instructions after implant dental procedure and use the prescribed medications regularly, you can get through the healing process without any problems.

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