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It is made of aesthetic filling composite material. The composite material is easy to shape and is hardened by halogen light. It is then attached to the tooth by chemical methods. For aesthetic filling material, the name composite filling is also used in dentistry. The composite filling can be adjusted to the original tooth color. Therefore, it cannot be distinguished from the natural enamel of the tooth. The color and shape of the filling is designed by the dentist to suit its natural structure. The purpose of making aesthetic filling is to match the color of the tooth with the color of the filling, so that the filling made is not understood when viewed from the outside with the naked eye.

What is Esthetic – Composite Filling? How is it done?
During the treatment, conditions such as how many teeth will be filled, whether there is decay in the tooth to be applied are effective in determining the treatment approach. During the aesthetic filling treatment, the number of teeth to be filled and whether there is decay in the tooth will determine the method to be applied in the treatment.

First of all, the tooth surface is roughened a little so that the filling can be made solid on the tooth to be treated. Roughening process is done by waiting 15 seconds after applying special acids to the tooth surface. After waiting for 15 seconds, the surface of the tooth is washed with pressurized water and dried. Bonds are used on the surface of the dried tooth, which allow the filling and the tooth to fuse together. 20 seconds after the application, intense air spray is sprayed on the tooth and the filling adheres to the rough tooth surface. The blue light used during the filling process hardens the composite filling material. It facilitates the chemical adhesion of the composite filling to the tooth surface. After the process is completed, any filling residues are cleaned. The outer surface is polished and the treatment is terminated.

Aesthetic Filling Prices
Aesthetic filling prices are determined according to the number of teeth to be filled and the type of filling used. In general, the patient must be examined by the dentist in order to determine the price. In addition, aesthetic filling prices vary according to the procedures performed, the experience of the doctor and the clinic where the treatment is applied.

Things You Should Pay Attention To After Having Aesthetic Filling
After having aesthetic filling, the patient may feel discomfort as if there is a foreign substance or gum in the mouth. During tooth brushing, the treated tooth may bleed slightly. The sensitivity of the gums may increase temporarily in those who have aesthetic fillings. After having a composite filling, you should avoid consuming foods and beverages that have dominant color pigments such as coffee, tea, beets, blueberries for several days. It will be enough to continue your daily dental care regularly.

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