Periodontology - Dental Diseases

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Periodontology – Dental Diseases
Infectious diseases that adversely affect the tissues supporting and surrounding teeth are called periodontology – gum diseases. Even individuals who have no cavities in their mouths can get periodontology – gum diseases. Symptoms of gum disease are among the most common ailments in the society that are seen in children, adults and the elderly.

What are periodontology / gum diseases?
Tissues supporting the female; tooth root, gum, jawbone and fibers. The supporting tissue around the tooth is called periodontium. Gingivitis is an infection only in the gums. Gingivitis; It shows symptoms such as shiny soft consistency swollen, red and easily bleeding gums. In more advanced symptoms, the conditions in which the gums and other tissues are affected are called periodontitis. In periodontitis, bleeding in the gums, red purplish discoloration, sagging teeth, gingival recession, bad breath and abscess formation.

What are the types of gum diseases?

It is the mildest type of gum disease. Symptoms are red color, edema in the gums, bleeding during brushing and bad breath.

Chronic Periodontitis

It is very common. Plaque and tartar formed on the root surface under the gum brush its teeth in the evening and in the morning, bacteria and food residues in the pocket cavity accumulate. It causes the infection to reach deeper. In this way, the tooth loses its bone support.

Aggressive Periodontitis

It is a type of periodontitis that affects young people with less incidence but more severe symptoms. There are 2 types, local and common.


Periodontitis with Systemic Diseases

Some diseases in the blood, diseases affecting the immune system, genetic and metabolic diseases may show symptoms in the mouth.

Necrotic Periodontal Diseases

It causes melting of the gums (necrosis) starting from the top of the gum between the teeth towards the root of the tooth and further progressing to osteoporosis.

Gum Abscess and Periodontal Abscess

Stinging foreign matter into the gum causes abscess formation in the gum. Red color sensitivity and swelling occur in the problem area.

What causes gum diseases?
The cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque. Other causes such as pregnancy, menopause, smoking, systemic diseases, medications, malnutrition and stress also lead to gum diseases.

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How is the treatment of gum disease done?
In the early diagnosis of gum diseases, periodontology treatment is applied in general without the need for surgical intervention. At the beginning of the treatment, the tooth and root surface is cleaned. Oral hygiene training is given to the patient. Decays and wisdom teeth that cause food residues to accumulate are removed. The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the inflammation of the gums. At the same time, it is aimed to clean microorganisms that cause gingivitis. Herbal treatment for gum diseases is also preferred.

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