Restorative Dentistry - Tooth Decay & Fracture Treatment

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Restorative Dentistry
Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry enables individuals to have an aesthetic and healthy mouth. To summarize the restorative dental treatment process; Problems in your oral and dental health cause you aesthetically and functionally discomfort. The treatment method that will treat them with this perspective and bring them very close to their previous state is called restorative dental treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to restructure your teeth. Although it is not exactly the same, it ensures that the teeth you are having problems with regain their original state as much as possible.

Restorative Dental Treatment Prices
Restorative dental treatment prices and methods used vary depending on whether the procedure is completely difficult and the nature of the dental problem you experience. Treatment methods such as fiber applications, luminous white filling, porcelain filling, bleaching methods, desensitizing, laser technology and lamina applications are used in the treatment.

What is done in restorative dental treatment?
Restorative dental treatment is performed with different procedures according to the root problem and structure of the problem tooth. How is restorative dental treatment done? The answer to be given to the question personally depends on the problem experienced by the patient. Generally, dentists try to preserve the natural structure of the tooth as much as possible during treatment. With the development of technology, many different restorative dental treatment methods have emerged today. These methods aiming to have an aesthetic and healthy smile are as follows:

Direct Applied Restorative Dentistry
In this method, dental filling is placed directly into the tooth cavity. This treatment generally ends in one session. It is a very less painful process.


Indirectly Applied Restorative Dentistry
The indirect application of this type of treatment is performed using appliances. These methods, which are space filling appliances according to the patient, serve different purposes separately. Different materials are used when producing crowns, onlays and inlays. In some inlays, gold is used in order for the patient to get the highest efficiency. However, porcelain and similar composite materials are used in other types of appliances.

Veneers are materials similar to composite fillings. It is usually a natural tooth-colored material layer. Veneers made of composite or porcelain material are applied to the tooth surface as a liquid during restorative dental treatment. Thus, it provides an aesthetic and natural appearance. The biggest benefit of the veneer method is that it tries to provide the highest level of aesthetic appearance to fractured or uneven front teeth. You can find different information about Restorative Dentistry in our Aesthetic Dentistry and smile design article.

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