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Orthodontic Treatment in
Dental braces treatment falls under the field of orthodontics, where diagnosis is made for irregular and aesthetically unfavorable teeth and jaws. If deemed appropriate for treatment, dental braces are initiated by our expert teams.

Is Dental Braces Treatment Necessary?
Patients seeking dental braces often have misaligned, large, or small teeth. Such teeth tend to be positioned in a more irregular manner in the mouth compared to the norm. Patients with such dental misalignments are initiated into dental braces treatment by our professional physicians at our clinics, aiming to restore proper dental alignment

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?
There is no specific age limit for orthodontic treatment. We provide this treatment to anyone who is unhappy with their dental alignment and wants to achieve a straighter appearance.

Of course, there are exceptions:
Due to certain jaw issues, there are patients whom we cannot initiate treatment for. These patients may have protruding or receding jaws, and those with such issues should begin treatment before the ages of 12-13.


Braces Prices
Braces prices are determined based on specific criteria. These criteria include the complexity of the treatment and the degree of misalignment of the patient’s teeth. Therefore, you can learn more about the prices after an examination. Contact us now to obtain detailed information about braces prices.

Not everyone is naturally gifted with perfectly aligned teeth. Some individuals experience teeth growth that is crooked from childhood onwards. Even if other teeth grow straight, the impact of misaligned teeth can lead to a completely irregular arrangement. If left untreated, this can result in discomfort in the mouth and an unhealthy smile. Orthodontic treatment aims to correct this misalignment, improve oral and dental health aesthetics, and achieve happy smiles. Our Konya braces treatment center is the address for trust and aesthetics, enabling you to achieve a healthy smile

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