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Laminated Coaing
Laminated veneer is a treatment performed to eliminate aesthetic defects in the teeth of patients due to deformation and fractures. Laminated veneer is also called porcelain veneer. Laminated veneers designed by taking patient-specific tooth measurements in a very precise way are adhered to the surface of the teeth. In this way, it becomes ready for use. The most striking feature of the laminated tooth coating method is that it achieves the desired harmony and perfection without causing an erosion on the teeth.

Laminated teeth, which have very thin and transparent properties, provide color and structure suitable for the natural appearance of the teeth they are attached to. Even if the laminated coatings are thin, they ensure that the tooth has a high resistance to impacts after being bonded to the enamel. Those who have laminated veneers do not lose the tooth tissue after the treatment and also allow the regain of the lost tissue in the treated teeth.

How is laminated tooth coating done?
Laminated tooth coating treatment, which starts with intraoral impression first, is applied in a very short time. After you decide on the model with your dentist, the teeth start to be prepared in the laboratory. The preparation time of porcelain teeth varies according to the number of teeth to be laminated. After the prepared temporary porcelain teeth are placed on the patient’s teeth, adaptation problems are observed. If there is no problem, the main porcelain teeth are prepared after the final corrections are made. Laminated veneers can be used on the same day after they are attached to the teeth with a special process. Throughout the treatment and after the treatment, hot-cold sensitivity may occur temporarily in the teeth.

How long will a laminated coating last?
Although porcelain laminated veneers are very thin, when they are adhered to tooth enamel, they are highly resistant to impacts thanks to the technology they have developed. Since they are not broken easily, if the maintenance is done regularly and continuously, the life of laminated teeth lasts between 10-20 years. However, if you do not clean your teeth adequately and do not pay attention to your oral health, gingival recessions and inflammation occur. Therefore, you lose your laminated coatings.

How much are laminated coating prices?
The quality of the material used in the calculation of Laminated Tooth Covering Prices plays a decisive role.

The experience of the dentist who will make porcelain veneers, the laboratory where the porcelain tooth is produced and the number of teeth to be veneered are the factors that determine the laminated veneer prices.

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