Zirconium Coating

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Before the zirconium coating process, porcelain veneers were generally used in dental veneers. Dental coatings are divided into two groups as metal-supported and metal-supported. People’s demand for a more aesthetic smile prompts dentists to apply different treatment approaches in this regard. These demands on aesthetics enable zirconium-based teeth, which offer more aesthetics in dental treatments, to be used very often today.

The zirconium material, which is used in tooth making and is white in color, is used not in its pure mineral form, but by transforming into zirconia ceramic by processing in special furnaces.

Zirconium coating, which is a member of the coating group without metal support, has a more natural appearance than metal supported coatings. As a result of the development of technology and treatment methods in aesthetic dentistry, the use of infrastructure porcelain veneers has gradually decreased. There are many sought-after factors in dental aesthetics. The tooth coating made does not serve a single purpose. Factors such as the natural appearance of the teeth, biological compatibility, durability and aesthetics are the most sought-after factors. All of these factors are found in zirconium. Zirconium coating has no harm.


What is zirconium crowning, how is it done?
Zirconium coating consists of many construction stages. The first examination reveals what the problem is in the tooth. If the coating process is required for the problem encountered in the teeth, local anesthesia is applied. After the numbness of the tooth occurs in a short time, the tooth thinning process is performed. Using special tools, the tip and the periphery of the tooth are finely thinned. The reason for thinning is to ensure that the zirconium coating placed on the tooth is not coarse and suitable for the mouth structure. After the thinning process is completed, the inside of the mouth is cleaned. After the tooth size is taken, temporary teeth are attached to eliminate the bad appearance of thinned teeth. At the same time, a color selection is made for zirconium teeth suitable for the color of your natural teeth. Color selection is determined by taking the opinion of the patient. However, it should not be forgotten that the purpose of color selection is to capture the natural appearance.

Preparation of zirconium teeth is completed in a week. The prepared veneer is temporarily attached to your teeth. The reason for this is that if there is a problem with the coating, it can be easily removed and corrected. Temporary zirconium veneers are tried in the mouth for a week or ten days. After the permanent veneers are placed, a control examination is made to the dentist every six months.

How much are zirconium crowns prices?
If we come to the question of zirconium tooth coating prices; zirconium veneer prices of each clinic; It depends on the material used, the laboratory environment and the dentist’s experience. The production of zirconium crowned teeth is done in a very aesthetic way with the help of computer technology. The technology used also increases the zirconium tooth prices. However, since the life of zirconium tooth coating is very long, consider it as an investment for yourself. This long-term service is worth much more.

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