Dental Treatment with Sedation - Dental Treatment by Sleeping

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Sedation, which is an ideal solution for those with dental phobia, is administered by anesthesiologists with sedative drugs. During sedation, all reflexes of the patient are preserved.

The sedation process is a controlled state of sleep. During the procedure, communication between the patient and the doctor is sustainable.

If the dentist asks the patient to open or close his mouth, the patient can easily follow all the commands.


More about sedation

Conscious sedation is safe for both adults and children.

Sedation is easily administered to children with syrup through the mouth, rectum and nose.

For adults, it is administered intravenously. The anesthesiologist closely monitors the patient’s pulse and blood pressure throughout the procedure.

Sedation is often preferred for children with disabilities.

Many patients fear and worry about the treatment of dental problems. In such cases, the treatment process can be difficult. Dental treatment in children, adults and disabled children can be challenging from time to time. It is very difficult for children to wait for hours, especially in cases where there is more than one bruise in children. For this purpose, dental treatment is performed by sleeping. Dental treatment by sleeping is called sedation. Sedation is when the patient is made semi-sleepy in a controlled manner by administering drugs through the vein. We can easily handle the procedures by putting the patients half asleep. We do not use sedation in all patients unless it is necessary. Sedation is used only for very anxious and fearful patients.

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