Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment

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Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is a treatment method applied to correct and save the tooth that has been damaged or inflamed too much. Endodontics is the science that covers this treatment method. Endodontics – Root canal treatment is performed by extracting, cleaning and covering the damaged tooth after it is refilled. The reasons why the pulp of the tooth is so damaged are the breaking or cracking of the tooth, deep caries and multiple treatments to the tooth. As a result of endodontics treatment, the tooth loses its vitality. Therefore, it is the last preferred treatment method.

How is root canal treatment performed ?
More than one session is required for root canal treatment. The procedures to be done in the sessions are as follows: In the first place, a window is opened behind the anterior tooth or in the crown of the molar tooth. Problematic pulp is removed from this window. Pulp cavity and root canals are cleaned. The root canal is shaped for canal filling. If more than one session is required, the window opened between sessions is closed with temporary filling. After the treatment is completed, the canal and pulp cavity are filled permanently. In some cases, a plastic or metal rod is placed inside the channel for structural support. Finally, a crown is covered over the filling to give the tooth its old natural appearance. If there is a broken tooth, a post application is required for the repair of the tooth before crown coating. Does root canal treatment hurt? If a question like this comes to your mind, the answer is no.


How long does the root canal treatment take?
Root canal treatment is applied in one or two sessions depending on the condition of the tooth to be treated. In cases where the tooth is infected, a few more sessions are required to completely clear the infection. A simple treatment is completed in a single session. The duration of treatment depends on the number of canals to be treated, the anatomy of the root canal, whether there is an infection, and the patient’s compliance. The average root canal treatment of a tooth takes 1-1.5 hours. There will be mild pain for a few days after dental canal treatment.

How much are root canal treatment prices?
Root canal treatment prices also vary depending on the condition and structure of the tooth to be treated (incisors, molar teeth, etc.), the presence of infection and whether or not endodontics has been treated before. The fact that the tooth to be treated is molar is one of the factors that increase the canal treatment prices. The reason why molars have a price increasing effect is that there are more channels in molars that need to be filled.

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