Orthodontics provides services in correcting jaw disorders and crooked teeth. With orthodontic treatment, you can have a healthier mouth, a beautiful appearance and stronger teeth. Orthodontic treatments are performed by people who have received five years of dental education and four years of orthodontic specialization training and specialize in this field. These people also receive the title of “Orthodontist”.

One of the biggest factors in the formation of these problems is skeletal disorders. However, some baby habits of the person can also cause such problems. For example, excessive use of pacifiers and bottles during infancy can cause such problems. Lying on one side all the time from childhood causes curvature of the jaw and therefore the need for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment

Konya orthodontic treatment is applied after several stages. First, the doctor will examine you so that he or she can notice any problems with your teeth or jaw. It informs the patient about the severity of the problem. It tells the patient the most correct treatment method according to the problem. After the necessary treatment is found, the treatment is started. Before starting, attention is paid to oral hygiene in order for the treatment to be efficient. Therefore, if some of the patient’s teeth are rotten, those bruises are cleaned before starting the treatment. When everything necessary is provided, the necessary measurements are taken according to the type of treatment and the treatment is started literally. This treatment may cause some discomfort during the day, but you will get used to it over time.

Generally, clear aligners, removable orthodontic tools, fixed orthodontic tools and screwed tools are used in the treatment. If the patient wants a wire-free orthodontic treatment, clear aligners come into play. Transparent plaques are easier and more accessible to patients. These plaques also relieve pain, aches and pains that may occur. With this treatment, positive results can be seen in an average of 6-24 months.

You can visit our clinic for more detailed information about our orthodontic treatments and for a preliminary examination.