It is a method used in the treatment of teeth with broken or crooked braces. Thanks to this method, patients have a smoother smile, healthy teeth and gums. In braces treatment, not only the order of the teeth but also the order of the mouth structure is improved. Jaw and tooth ratio is created. Our center, which performs braces application, provides services for you to achieve the desired tooth appearance in a short time.

For Which Age Groups Is Braces Treatment Suitable?

After the age of 7, controls can be made and treatment can be started after the age of 12. Since oral development continues before the age of 10-12, it is recommended not to start treatment. After the age of 12, braces can be treated at any age.

How is the Braces Treatment Process and Application?

First of all, the patient’s mouth film should be taken and the treatment process of the patient should be determined with a good orthodontist. After the patient-specific treatment process is created, the wire application to be used is prepared. Braces treatment is a very long treatment. At this point, information about the treatment should be specifically stated to the patient, and good communication should be established between the patient and the orthodontist throughout the process. Afterwards, before the braces are attached to the patient, the patient’s mouth and teeth should be treated, and the decayed or filled teeth should be identified and corrected. After these processes are applied, the wire and bracket installation process is performed. Controls continue with the specialist and braces treatment is continued.

How Does Braces Care Take?

It is a very important issue that the brackets and wire are not damaged during the Konya braces treatment. For this reason, patients who wear braces should pay attention to bracket and wire care. They should prefer a soft-tipped toothbrush instead of using a hard-tipped toothbrush while maintaining them. They should avoid applying pressure and force while brushing their teeth. They should also regularly clean between the brackets and the wire and pay attention to their maintenance.